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Diablo IPTV: Best Canadian IPTV service for English & French TV

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IPTV (Internet Protocol TeleVision) is the delivery of programs by streaming video data encoded as a series of IP packets. That is, instead of receiving the requested television or video over radio / satellite or cable waves, the television is hooked up to a broadband internet router and receives the internet signal.

IPTV is emerging as the trend for the future of the audio-visual world. Many broadband operators already provide this service, which is mostly included in the Triple play Internet offer. (Internet + Telephone + Television).


IPTV Usages:

The term IPTV includes live television, video on demand (VOD) or catch-up sessions (TF1 Video, M6 Replay).

-Over-the-air television is provided by all ISPs today. This is grouped together in “triple-play” offers and allows the user to have basic DTT channels as well as channels formerly reserved for cable / satellite. The package taken by the individual defines the level of channels accessible by his subscription.

-Video on demand is a technique for broadcasting digital video content offered or sold by operators of fixed and mobile internet networks. Video on demand frees the customer from broadcasting schedules. On the other hand, this technology is very greedy in network resources, its evolution is linked to the increase in the bandwidth of the operator networks.

-The remedial sessions follow the same principle as video on demand. The difference lies in the origin of the content. Video on demand is often a film, a documentary accessible in DVD / Blue Ray format, while the catch-up sessions allow you to view television broadcasts (Newspapers, TV magazines, etc.).


IPTV advantages:

From Switched IP:

In addition to pooling architectures, IPTV makes it possible to better manage resources and extend the uses of television through:

In radio television broadcasting, all channels are sent at one time and the consumer chooses which signal they want to display on their television. With IPTV, the consumer chooses the stream to be displayed which is centralized at the provider’s premises. Thus only the requested flow is transmitted from the operator to the consumer.

=> Saving bandwidth.
Better compression:

Many services are developing around the interactivity offered by this technology. Communication is two-way, the consumer receives the video stream, but he can also make choices from the remote control. For example the consumer can buy articles from his television set, answer surveys etc…

Thanks to ever more advanced computer codecs (MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and VC-1.), IPTV makes it possible to provide a better quality picture at a smaller size. It is thanks to this that many operators offering IPTV make it possible to receive 1080p HD television.

Diablo IPTV Canada:

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